List of Qualified Riders

(1) Riders who finished in the top 20% of their Age Group at the previous year’s GFNY World Championship, in the top 20% of a Regional Championship or the top 10% of any GFNY World event of the following season and are signed up by October 4th.

The first list of qualified riders is HERE. If you are on that list and registered, you are all set and don’t have to do anything.

(2) Riders who are not qualified but have a UCI Pro license, USAC license (or international equivalent) and are actively racing Men Cat 1-3 (Masters 1) and Women Cat 1 and are signed up by October 4th. Please send a photocopy of your actual license as well as race results from this or last year to [email protected] no later than October 4th

GFNY Cozumel reserves the right to limit the front corral to direct qualifiers under (1) above if there are space constraints

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