Successfully completing GFNY Cozumel is the goal of everyone who enters and lines up at the start on November 23rd, 2014. 

To help you best prepare for our event, we have partnered with AthletiCamps to create two training plans aimed at helping you cross the finish line beyond what you expected or imagined was possible.  By choosing either the heart rate or power-based version you will be well positioned to handle the notoriously difficult cross winds and climate that the Cozumel course offers.

For athletes that are looking for individual attention and monitoring, Athleticamps will tailor a training plan that takes your athletic history, strengths, and desired areas of improvement into account.   By working directly with you, AthletiCamps will help you peak for this challenging event.

Whether you have already registered or are considering signing up follow one of these attached plans or contact AthletiCamps directly and be ready to achieve your best on November 23rd.

(+01) 916-932-0112


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