GFNY Cozumel Mexico, 11 November 2018

No te pierdas la oportunidad de participar en uno de los principales eventos ciclistas del año.

King of the Wind Header


Hold on tight, get aero and brace yourself for the ultimate challenge of GFNY Cozumel... THE KING OF THE WIND CHALLENGE (KOW). This challenge is truly unique to Granfondo racing where you will need to learn how to conquer head and side winds as they increase in strength (up to 25mph) depending where you are on the course. The Mayan winds which make Cozumel popular with sailors and kit surfers, will best be conquered by riders who are proficient in paceline and echelon drafting. While most granfondo challenges favor lighter riders, the KOW challenge will help favor the heavier, stronger and sturdy roadies who will find there rear wheels popular ground for the sparrows.


The King of the Wind Challenge begins at the 27-km/17-mile point (Lap 1) and 110-km/69-mile point (Lap 2) the course swings north along the beaches of the island southeast shore. Here is where you will get up close and personal with the head, and side winds from the right. Riders will instinctively position themselves diagonally across the road in echelons and will take turns fighting the brunt of the wind on the right, then drifting back and left while other riders take there turns in the wind. If you are riding along this stretch by yourself, you may consider spinning easily until a group catches you and provides some shelter.


Prizes will be awarded to the King and Queen of the KOW and will be calculated by an accumulation of time of the two laps of the KOW course. Start training now for the ultimate challenge and become the first King of the Wind champion in history.



King of the Wind Video