GFNY Cozumel Mexico, 11 November 2018

No te pierdas la oportunidad de participar en uno de los principales eventos ciclistas del año.

Aid Stations


The aid stations at GFNY Cozumel are designed to help you find what you want as quickly as possible and get you back on the race course, while losing as little time as possible from your final results. Each aid station is designed with the same layout and contains the same exact products so there is no confusion in finding what you want in each station.

The products inside our stations are personally chosen and approved by the GFNY team meaning everything is race proven. We also make sure to provide everyone with items we feel will give you a more comfortable race such as baby wipes, suntan lotion, and antibacterial gel. This way when you get back on the course you’ll feel good as new and ready to give it your best to the finish line.

Of course the nutrition we choose is perfect for a long distance race such as GFNY Cozumel and will keep you energized during the whole race. From fresh fruits, Sport Beans, to home-made bars and cakes. Your taste buds will be more than satisfied after taking a pit stop at one of our aid stations. Since the race course at GFNY Cozumel is particularly hot we made sure that there is a full selection of various flavor Powerade, juices and of course plenty of cold cold water and ice. If you require vegan, kosher, or gluten free foods as well please email us and we’ll gladly explain to you which foods will fit your requirements in our aid stations.


All aid stations are equipped with a big selection of in season fruits from bananas, oranges, to watermelon and various in-season fruits.



Count on a large supply of Powerade, water, and a ton of ice ready at your disposal. Powerade will also have their exclusive Powerstations that can pump out Powerade faster than you can drink it.



All aid stations are designed to get you back on the race course as fast as possible. For this reason all our volunteers are well trained, friendly, and know how to make sure you get what you need and get back on the course without losing much time.



From Sport Beans to rice cakes and snacks you can count on a large supply of the right energizing food that will not only keep you well fueled but will satisfy all your taste buds.